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Laminar Flow Bench Manufacturers & Exporters

Laminar Flow Bench Manufacturers & Exporters

  Clean Work Station for non dust working area.
Unit comprising of HEPA / Pre filter,
Motor blowing assembly, Manometer, Tube Light.

Horizontal & Vertical Model to meet requirement.
MOC - Wooden Laminate / CRCA Powder Coated or Full S. Steel
Standard Model - 2 X 2ft., 3 X 2 ft., 4 X 2 ft., 6 X 2 ft., & 8 X 2ft.

HMG® Design, Manufacture & Install Clean Work Stations. Laminar Flow Benches, Mobile Enclosure, Biological Safety Cabinets, Powder Dispensing Units, Garment Cubicles, Pressure Module, Pass Box and other Air-filtration Systems & Filters to Control Airborne Contamination to meet individual requirements. Our Equipments meets Class 100 Cleanliness as per US federal Standard 209 E.

Unit Comprising of 95% efficient @ 5 Micron PREFILTER, inclined pressure differential manometer & 99.97% Efficient as optional.

Feature & Specifications
Excellent non-dust generating. Easy to clean white laminate / S. Steel exterior. Low Whisper smooth noise free operation less than 60-65 dB. Variety of MOC i.e. Wooden Laminated / CRCA Powder Coated finish or full S. Steel.


1) Electronic Switch Panel.
2) Magnetic Pressure Gauge with calibration certificate (i/o manometer)
3) UV light (short wave-254 nm)
4) Front Acrylic door / PVC Strip Curtain.
5) Satin finish S.S. working table top.
6) Castor Wheel for easy Movability
7) Vacuum / Gas coke.
8) Satin finish S. Steel Table Top.
9) Castors.


Due to continues R & D model & specifications may change. Picture shown with Optional accessories.





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